Kitcher Risk Solutions

Management System Review

We will review your current management systems against industry norms, national and international standards and other good practice to provide you with advise on strengths, weaknesses and recommend improvements.

Providing an independent, expert review of your integrated management system, safety management system or systems engineering approach.

We evaluate the maturity of your policy and processes and identify priorities for strengthening their effectiveness at controlling your risks.

We will recommend changes to your policy and management systems that ensure practices across your organisation make a real difference to safety, sustainability, product reliability and cost effectiveness.

Project Approach

Our project methodology includes the review and evaluation of information (data, documentation, expert evidence and management views and opinions) provided by the client and the application of experience and knowledge of national and international policy and practice held by Kitcher Risk Solutions.

In addition, material (frameworks and governance documentation, guidance and standards) provided by authorities, regulators or obtained from other open access sources is examined.

While documentation review is important to the delivery of a project the input of key stakeholders from the client organisation is critical to understanding the current systems and the materiality of practice within the company.

Previous Projects

Engineering systems review for an international manufacturer against Australian requirements and norms; advising on system maturity and further development priorities.

Review of fitness for work systems, including medical criteria, alcohol and drugs management and testing arrangements, and fatigue control in multiple Government businesses.

Review of incident management procedures in the energy and utilities industry.

Development of Management Systems, Policy and Frameworks

A thorough review will identify any gaps and weaknesses in your systems and policies. Depending on your needs, we can then develop new or revised framework documents, standards, procedures and templates to give you the optimal policy structure to control your risks.

We develop bespoke business management solutions that align with your strategic objectives, culture and compliance needs.

We can adapt your existing systems and processes to meet current industry needs or develop something new for you.

We reduce the need for you to employ a dedicated in-house team of professionals, saving you time and money.

Recent Frameworks developed

Competency Management Framework for a group of companies

Safety Leadership Competency Matrix

Incident Response and Management Framework for a 24/7 field based operation

Alcohol and Drug Testing Standard