Kitcher Risk Solutions

 Kitcher Risk Solutions can provide you with an independent, expert analysis of your organisation's risk management systems and performance.

We specialise in high risk industries providing the strategic advice, policy development and system assurance needed by businesses striving for continuous improvement or undertaking transformational reform.

Strategic Risk Management

We support Boards and senior executive teams in risk-based decision making, strategic risk evaluation and risk appetite. Our analysis and targeted advice enables you to take actions that achieve sustainable, cost-effective results.

Management Systems

Review and Maturity Evaluation

We will review your current management systems against industry norms, national and international standards and other good practice to provide you with advise on strengths, weaknesses and recommend improvements.

We evaluate the maturity of your policy and processes and identify priorities for strengthening their effectiveness at controlling your risks.

We will recommend changes to your policy and management systems that ensure practices across your organisation make a real difference to safety, sustainability, product reliability and cost effectiveness.


This thorough review will identify any gaps and weaknesses in your systems and policies. Depending on your needs, we can then develop new or revised framework documents, standards, procedures and templates to give you the optimal policy structure to control your risks.

Alternatively, if you know what you need we can start the drafting process straight away.

Systems Assurance

We can investigate the failure of projects, products/services and major risk controls or review investigation reports into major accidents and systemic failures.

We provide support in the planning and delivery of corrective actions to ensure the timely achievement of maximum benefit within organisational financial capacity and human capability.

Rail Industry

Services include the development of AEO authorisation and rail safety accreditation plans, assessment of supporting rail safety management systems, systems engineering and configuration management practices, and the design of new system documentation or revision of existing systems, procedures and standards.

We provide support in applications to ASA and ONRSR for initial authorisation / accreditation as well as variations and extensions.

Human Performance and Competence Management

We understand how important the performance of your employees is to delivering your strategic aims. We can strengthen their effectiveness across a wide range of human performance areas with reviews of the effectiveness of your programs and advise on current international good practice.