Kitcher Risk Solutions

Kitcher Risk Solutions can provide you with an independent, expert analysis of your organisation's risk management systems and performance.

We specialise in strategic risk, the integration of operational risk silos and the impact of organisational culture and human performance on achieving strategic objectives.

We help our clients solve key business issues by: ­

Reviewing risk policy and practice ­

Partnering with the management team and board to drive strategy, guiding strategic, risk-based decision making ­

Building more mature risk management programs with stronger controls and better warning of emerging risks ­

Establishing appropriate risk frameworks and greater information transparency 

Advising on risk capacity and appetite ­

Supporting system implementation and business change


We can review risk management policy and systems to give you a high degree of confidence that the residual risk you are carrying can be demonstrated as acceptable and within your risk appetite.

If not within these boundaries we can develop solutions and assist with implementing any changes needed.

We support Boards and senior executive teams in risk-based decision making, strategic risk evaluation and risk appetite.

Our analysis and targeted advice enables you to take actions that achieve sustainable, cost-effective results.

We help you break siloes of risk and compliance management and replace them with holistic risk programs that pull together information from across the business to create an integrated, real-time picture of enterprise risk.

We support business with the adoption of Just Culture, provide information on human error management and advice about dealing with at-risk and reckless behaviour in your teams.

We help you collate the numerous controls and action plans you have into structured, risk-based frameworks that can provide assurance to the organisation that key risk areas are effectively addressed.

We advise on reasonable practicability and gross disproportion for safety impacts.

We understand how important the performance of your employees is to delivering your strategic aims.

We are keen to assist you in developing a pervasive risk culture and risk intelligent behaviours.

When it comes to managing risks like corrupt, bullying or unsafe behaviours, promoting ethical employee behaviour and mitigating poor choices we trust the effectiveness of Just Culture over all tick-box compliance approaches.

“Perhaps the most obviously straightforward method of preventing unethical or damaging behavior is increasing the number of rules designed to curtail it.

However, one of the more unsettling and unintended consequences of a singular focus on ethics-as-compliance is a checkbox mentality that gives the illusion of reducing risk without really doing so.

Moreover, unless an organization is careful, a compliance-focused approach to eliminating unethical behavior can stunt a company’s efforts to innovate and to take intelligent risks. ”

From: Corporate Ethics Can’t Be Reduced to Compliance by Peter Rea, Alan Kolp, Wendy Ritz, and Michelle D. Steward in Harvard Business Review April 2016